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What is Multi-Sensory Learning?


Multisensory learning is used in the remedial teaching of children and adults with learning disorders and learning difficulties.

Multisensory learning combines the auditory (hearing), the visual (seeing), and the kinaesthetic (tactile - touch and movement) into a powerful and dynamic learning tool.

Multisensory learning is recognised by the OECD, the United Nations and the Australian government as the preferred method for the treatment of learning disorders and difficulties.

The Orton Gillingham multisensory approach as relied on by Neurosensory, is the international gold standard in multisensory treatment.

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Neurosensory has experience an expertise in helping students with a wide range of learning and developmental disorders.

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Empowering those with difficulties to learn and thrive


How can Multi-sensory Learning
help you ...

...or your child, or anyone with a learning disability?

Orton Gillingham multisensory learning utilises the pathways into the brain to reinforce learning and enhance memory.

The multisensory approach to learning is effective in helping students who have difficulty learning in a typical classroom setting.

Multisensory learning has been used effectively to help with maths and to teach English as a second language. Read more about how MSL is applied

If you have any educational concerns about your children, friends or yourself and you want to know more about the Orton Gillingham multisensory approach...
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Neurosensory - Our Experience


Antonia Canaris is Clinical Director at Neurosensory.

  • holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education

  • has a Graduate Certificate in Autism.

  • is only 1 of 4 Orton Gillingham multisensory approach practitioners in Sydney.

  • has helped over 100 children & adults with learning difficulties & learning disorders.

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News Blog

The Australian recently carried a series of articles by Jennifer Buckingham, a leading researcher into literacy at Macquarie University and its own educational correspondent Justine Ferrari on the appalling state of literacy in Australia.

Jennifer's article , “Bad teaching kills reading skills” (30/07/2013) prompted considerable correspondence agreeing that the teaching of reading in Australia was at crisis point.  


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With our experience and commitment to helping those with learning difficulties, we often assemble some of our articles and news stories into pdf documents that you may download.

  • Common Learning Disorders

  • Appalling state of Literacy in Australia

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