Adult ADHD Annual Convention 12 October - TAFE Ultimo November 2013

Antonia Canaris was asked to present a paper entitled, ‘Adults reconnecting with study and employment’ at the Adult ADHD Annual Conference ‘Succeeding with Adult ADHD’ on 12 October 2013. Antonia emphasised that multiple psychological challenges were as equally important as organisational stumbling blocks for adults with ADHD entering or competing in the workforce. 

By way of encouragement, Antonia referred to a self-published book, ‘My Secret’ written by ‘Mary-Anne’ an adult with dyslexia  Mary-Anne came to Antonia when she was in her late 40’s and travelled over 300 km there and back in one day from Maitland to Kingsgrove to receive Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory approach remedial teaching.  

As Antonia emphasised, ‘’The human spirit is remarkably resilient and Mary-Anne overcame huge psychological and educational obstacles as well as dealing with the tyranny of distance, to achieve her goal of overcoming all at least coming to terms with dyslexia. Mary-Anne currently works in real estate.