Learning Differences Convention 9 November 2013 – Darling Harbour Sydney

Antonia, director of Neurosensory presented a case study at the Learning Differences Convention at Darling Harbour in early November 2013 on the devastating psychological, educational and emotional consequences of untreated dyslexia on a young man’s education and self-esteem. 

Using ‘’Chris’’ as an example Antonia outlined the path this young man took as he worked his way up the educational ladder from initially receiving sometimes less 4% in his school assignments to obtaining credits or better at TAFE. Antonia summed it up saying, ‘Chris had been through the mill, misdiagnosed, over diagnosed, and ignored. Once a formal diagnosis was made Chris was suffering severe dyslexia an individualised treatment program could be devised and Chris blossomed.  Chris will never be cured of dyslexia because there is no cure, but with the right strategies he will survive and hopefully flourish. Indeed, he is already designing and building exceptional cabinet work at TAFE. Chris’ story should warm all our hearts and give hope to many’.