International Dyslexia Conference – New Orleans November 2013

Antonia Canaris director of Neurosensory has just returned from the US where she attended the 2013 64th Annual International Dyslexia Conference on Reading, Literacy & Learning. Held in New Orleans the birthplace of jazz and a city still recovering from the ravages of Cyclone Katrina, Antonia joined over 2000 delegates from around the world in an intensive series of workshops, presentations and seminars that focussed on evidence based interventions and strategies to help those with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. 


Asked for her comments on her return, Antonia emphasised the commonality of treatment that surrounded the remediation of dyslexia saying ‘I returned wiser and more dedicated than ever to helping those with learning disorders such as dyslexia and I am confident Australians can learn a lot from the evidence based approaches that are being adopted to learning disorders around the developed world. I would like to emphasise the need for evidence-based teaching for those with learning disabilities and disorders. Approaches such as the Orton Gillingham multisensory approach as used by Neurologics is an evidence-based approach based on a body of knowledge dating back to the 1920s that has been shown to work most effectively in remediating learning disorders. It was comforting to be part of a conference that emphasised evidence-based teaching’.