Dyscalculia Talks linking dyscalculia (maths disability) with multisensory teaching


Antonia has recently given two conference presentations on dyscalculia and the use of multisensory teaching approaches as a way of bringing the abstract world of maths into an easier to understand format.

The conferences were Special Education Needs Summit (Ridges Hotel, World Square Sydney 22-23 May 2018) and MANSW Annual Conference (Mathematical Association of New South Wales)(Novotel, Wollongong 14-16 September, 2018)

The presentation at the MANSW conference was more detailed than the earlier one including demonstration of teaching resources such as the Math-U-See program we employ at Neurosensory.

There was great feed-back from the MANSW presentation with many teachers spending a long time talking about various points and resources well after the official 90 minutes alloted by the organisers.
Carolyn, one of the experienced teachers attending the MANSW conference wrote an email comment saying:
It would be good to see this as a regular information session at the conference